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Celebrate the Earth by Painting Landscapes

Celebrate the Earth by Painting Landscapes

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Celebrate Natural Beauty in the Landscape
Nothing will make you appreciate nature more than trying to capture its beauty, which is so often elusive and fleeting. You can learn three very different approaches and techniques to paint your favorite landscape scenes with Terry Harrison in Acrylics the Easy Way. Go step-by-step through each of three different landscape painting demonstrations, each taking a different approach to acrylic paints, using one like watercolor, one like oil paint, and one as a heavy impasto.

From a charming spring woodland, a summer field, and finally, a thick, textured wall with a window and flowers, you’ll see very different ways of approaching acrylics to capture the beauty of nature.

There’s a reason Terry gets rave reviews from viewers at His teaching style is easy to follow and you’ll learn fantastic painting techniques and tips that even your favorite, most seasoned instructors tend to forget. With practical approaches to painting in these different styles, there’s a technique or two for everyone to incorporate into their own acrylic landscape paintings.

See why user Harmony said: “Wow. What a teacher! Terry covers the details that most teachers skip over and you are secretly wishing they would tell you “how did you do that????” I learned so much, especially about shadowing. Thank you.”

Preview Acrylics the Easy Way to learn fantastic acrylic paint techniques, including how to use a sponge with acrylics to create trees in a landscape. You’ll also find the materials lists, more reviews, and the full-length video to see what everyone’s talking about at

Get even more FREE tips for painting landscapes!

Watch the video: Coloured Earth International Pavement Art Festival at The Piece Hall (June 2022).


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