An Artists Logic: Perspective Drawing Basics

An Artists Logic: Perspective Drawing Basics

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L.S. Lowrys The Fever Van uses one- and two-point perspective.

Knowing the basic methods of linear perspective drawing is key to creating the illusion of distance and space in your artwork. And thankfully, it’s all based on one simple idea—that parallel lines receding from you appear to meet in the distance at a vanishing point or points.

Three-point perspective, two-point perspective, and one-point perspective are all built on this approach, and each is named for the number of vanishing points used in the given situation. I went back into our archives and found this great refresher on adding perspective to create convincing space in your drawing–Beginner Drawing Logic: Perspective Basics.

Another fantastic resource for advancing your drawings with a better understanding of one-, two-, and three-point perspective, is with a subscription to Drawing magazine, which is being offered at a great deal right now! Every article on the subject that the magazine features comes as a practical and straightforward guide for artists, and there are constantly featured and profiled artists who will show you how to create a convincing sense of space in so many unique ways. For me, it all comes down to remembering that your best bet is to trust yourself and draw what you see. That and a little perspective drawing know-how can make all the difference in your art!

Watch the video: What is Foreshortening - Easy Drawing Tutorial for Beginners (June 2022).


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